What we're reading #4

Fourth in a series... MZ still loves books. If we're sitting down, she'll toddle over, book in hand, and announce "Read it to me." If I'm sitting on the floor, she'll crawl into my lap, to sit cross-legged within my crossed legs -- irresistable! Now that she's talking a storm, she's extremely interested in books that allow her to name what's in the pictures. She's also developed an interest in true story books, which are more entertaining for us, too, except that she wants to hear them over and over. We've introduced a "Three times" rule, telling her last time as we go into Round 3, and she seems satisfied.

And there's lots of new books on her favorites list these days... amazingly, she can ask for each by name, even if by the abbreviated MZ-ism only we recognize.

Zoo Clues Animal Alphabet: This wide-format board book features vibrant, Eric Carle-esque illustrations that start on one page and continue on the flip. MZ loves this one, often announcing the animal just by looking at the hint on the leading page.

Sam's First Words Book: At first this book confused her, with its pictures of rabbits that she was supposed to recognize as people. But now she knows so many of the 125+ words, it clearly gives her a little rush to do this book again and again.

Bus: The wood block illustrations are captivating, the text is spare and rhythmic, and this book fulfills MZ's fascination with buses. Its sister in the series, Plane, became another favorite after our recent flight to Boston. Sadly, these books are out of print, but AuntS found Bus used and we loved it so much we ordered Plane via Amazon Marketplace.

Giraffes Can't Dance: A full-on picture book with lovely illustrations and a sweet story... and lots of animals to name along the way. I forgive the author the occasional atrocious rhyme (barely).

Goodnight, Gorilla: MZ loves this book, announcing minute details on every page. Each of us have our own way of telling this sparely written story, yet she seems to choose it with all of us. I'm curious how R and her grandparents fill in the details.

Time for Bed: This has been a long-time favorite that somehow escaped notice. Now she loves to name the animals and the sounds they make. It's just the right length to get in a good cuddle before putting her down in her crib.

A Color of One's Own: I'm not sure what MZ loves so much about this book -- she doesn't know colors yet and there can't be much she understands in the story. But this is a consistent favorite during her morning sippy of milk, and I enjoy it, too. I love Leo Leonni's illustrations and the sweet story of finding a way to belong.



At 29.7.06, Blogger meg said...

I've read *Giraffes Can't Dance* about a zillion times to the Princess Royal (almost-3-year-old daughter of close colleague). I used to like it -- but I'm sure if you made me read *Dance to the Music of Time* a zillion times out loud, I'd start hating that too.

At 2.8.06, Blogger bernalgirl said...

Yeah, the repetition is starting to get to me, too. Fortunately MZ is young enough that we can still conveniently hide books. You're pretty much stuck, I guess. And we will be, too, in time.

At 3.8.06, Blogger meg said...

I wouldn't mind it so much if only I could remember having inflicted this kind of pain on my parents when I was that age!


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