Home again

I had an idea that this was going to become a nice long post about a wonderful trip East to visit cousins, hang on the beach, explore Boston and enjoy each others' company. But like journal-keeping, I find blogging about anything but the most immediate past almost impossible. If it didn't make the blog in the moment, skip it cuz it ain't gonna happen, at least not in any compelling way.

It was a great trip, if not altogether relaxing. We learned that MZ is a trooper when it comes to travel, even when she's exhausted she's up for the adventure. We learned that naps matter less now that she's so engaged in her world. She still needs sleep, but an hour here or there doesn't matter the way it used to, when a missed nap could kick off three nights of recovery. We learned that she loves water of any kind, waterfalls, waves, puddles, but that she does not love being knocked down by waves. No again for that. We learned that language seems to prevent many a temper tantrum; when she seemed at the end of her rope, she'd whimper home and we could talk about when we were going home and what fun things we had in store till then. We could give her the choice between two menu items and she would choose. She wowed us by mastering ocean, harbor, boats and airplane in a matter of hours, and repeating them at every opportunity. We learned that she adores her Deb and that she appreciates a good canoli. Posted by Picasa


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