Dinky Hocker shoots her iPod

I admit that Casa Robmaliam routinely shows up unfashionably late to the technology party, especially for two people who work(ed) in technology. So the whole evangelical iPodism that's taken over our house? Smile indulgently. But now that I have my own, it seems I must stay up late adding all our CDs to the library, chop chop.

And so I get to catch up on blogs I haven't read in weeks, and some new ones I've never read but that were linked from blogs I love, and if you've ever spent anytime reading blogs, you'll understand me when I say that now that I'm off the smack (being several weeks behind on my favorite blogs) what's gonna get me off the methadone (the iPod, for those of you who are still shaking your heads about the smack)?

Anyway, I found
this, and think it's utterly worth sharing. Freakin' brilliant, actually.


At 18.7.06, Blogger meg said...

I hadn't thought about that book since I don't know when.

And you don't know smack until you start downloading podcasts...

At 18.7.06, Blogger Mom101 said...

I don't get called brilliant too often, but "freakin'" does modify many of the things I am called. Thank you (bowing humbly).


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