What we're reading #2

The second in a series. There are a few new additions to MZ's favorites this month:

Goodnight Gorilla: I make up the words to go with this sparsely written bedtime story. MZ seems to like it either way, but it keeps me entertained.

Pajama Time!: Another Sandra Boynton book. R likes to read this to MZ, I don't. But it tops her list right now.

Signs for Bedtime: This one really surprises me, since MZ has shown so little interest in signing. But she loves this book well beyond Baby Faces, Signs for Mealtime, and other books with photos of babies and kids.

Dr Seuss ABC: An Amazing Alphabet Book: This is an oversize board book, and she loves to manipulate it and have it read to her.

Hello World!: She's not as interested in the many ways to say hello yet, but she loves leafing through, looking at all the illustrations of kids' faces. And surprisingly, she hasn't damaged the pages of this traditional harbound book.

The Going to Bed Book: Sandra Boynton has another entry on the MZ hit parade. We all like this one (although Moo Baa LaLaLa remains my favorite), although I do think it's strange that they exercise in their pj's, I appreciate the reminder to brush her teeth before bed.

And a plug for your local independent bookseller: Booksense has a great database searchable by US zip code, with contact information. In most cases, if you email or call your local store with book information (ISBN is helpful, I use Amazon to get it), they will order it for you, and in my experience, most books are available within a week. Support your local book seller!



At 21.3.06, Blogger The Big Pugawug said...

We love The Going To Bed Book, and also enjoy Sanda Boynton's Barnyard Dance. Pugawug just can't resist the googly-eyed critters!


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