Summer in the City

I have no idea how to dress myself for this weather, much less how to dress a child who might decide to switch back to crawling at any moment. Damn, it's hot here in SF, and you know it's hot when it's hot out at the Zoo.

But MZ kept her hat on and was utterly tickled by the prairie dogs, meer cats and the Mouse House in the Children's Zoo. We didn't go to the petting zoo, since R. made me promise he'd be there for her first face-to-face with a goat. And she still thinks the neighborhood dogs are way more entertaining than a rhino's butt (we've only ever seen him from the rear, what's that about?) or even a lion pacing his enclosure.

However, the choo choo? I need only to recall her smile as we rolled through the zoo on that
train to banish any doubts about my good fortune to be home with a toddler. Posted by Picasa


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