Straus-shmaus, let's talk about the cherries

Well before I became a parent, a dear girlfriend once confessed that when there was just a little of some particularly good sweet in the house, she would eat it herself and give her son a handfull of chocolate chips. "He doesn't know the difference," she rationalized.

As someone with a picky palate and fierce cravings, I admired this attitude. Despite the Straus/Benoît obsession, I always planned to follow it myself. So now that cherries are finally looking good, I'm getting a chance to practice this philosophy in earnest.

For those who forget easily, we had a horribly rainy Spring. This did no favors to farmers, and apparently the California cherry crop was not spared. It's coming in late, small and spendy; $7 per pound for farmers market cherries is not unusual. To my mind, this is dear fruit indeed. But cherries are something I will happily eat till I have a stomach ache more than once each season. So a few times in recent weeks, I've carefully picked a pound of the darkest, plumpest Bings and brought them home to hoard. I dutifully slice MZ a bowl of organic grapes while I chow down on my luxurious cherries.

I've offered her cherries once or twice. She likes them fine. But as my friend opined, she really doesn't know the difference.


At 9.6.06, Blogger The Big Pugawug said...

Like you, I can eat cherries until I burst. It runs in the family: I once met my sister at SFO for an early June layover, and brought her 2 pounds of cherries. She ate them (OK, I helped a little).

That kind of food obsession gets expensive at $7 a pound. So every year, I make a point of searching out good places to get my fix every other day or so ...

So I was happy to see that Twin Girls Farms had some tasty ones for $4 a pound last weekend. I'll be back there bright and early for tomorrow's market. Otherwise, the fruit store on 24th and Valencia or Golden Produce usually has some of the nicest, firmest, darkest cherries around.

Pugawug had her first taste of cherries this week, and nudged me for more after each bite. Finally, I had to hide them. I don't have the heart to substitute grapes, or even blueberries. Fresh local cherries are just too good.

At 11.6.06, Blogger bernalgirl said...

Now that they've reached season's peak and are down to a reliable $4/pound, turns out this is one fruit MZ isn't crazy for. She eats them, but not with the relish she has for tangerines, mango, grapes, bananas or virtually any kind of berry. Huh.

At 12.6.06, Blogger The Big Pugawug said...

How about the fava beans? Your salad last week was masterful (thank you for the effort!), but Pugawug spat out her first mouthful of fava beans.

She did go absolutely wild for peas in the pod, her new favorite snack. $2 a pound at the market!

At 12.6.06, Blogger bernalgirl said...

Yep, MZ LOVES to pick and eat fresh peas in the pod. This might be the perfect toddler food.


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