My Baby Left Me Walking

MZ is all about walking these days and it doesn't freak her out anymore. She's cautious, thankfully given where we live, and she doesn't walk straight into traffic but walk she does, and walking she tells whoever will listen.

I'm reminded that when young children learn a new skill, they may leave others for a while. Her word acquisition has slowed down (although bathroom, good (referring to food)and cat water are new favorites), and she seems to forget or confuse her words these days. She'll say open for close, or just Again when she wants something, instead of saying agua or Read it.

Her gait is a wonder to behold. She's the spitting image of Grandpa Dave with her hunched shoulders, leading belly, stiff knees and skinny legs. If you didn't have the good fortune to meet Grandpa Dave, think
Fred Sanford or even Vito Spatafore. Posted by Picasa


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