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MZ is now fully engaged in books. Not just chewing on them, but choosing them and listening to them and exploring them on her own. According to reports from our playgroup, all the 1-year-olds love books. So I think it's worth noting what she loves these days, and to update the list from time to time. I like the idea of having a record of her reading preferences over time.

We mostly read to her when we're putting her to sleep, or when quiet time is called for. These days, we offer her two books, and let her choose. If she really likes it, when we're all done, she'll say Again. If not, she'll take it and huck it on the floor. Pretty clear.

So, her current favorites:
Peek a Who? She will choose this book over any other, almost every time. It also gets the most reliable Again vote. Good that it's short.

The Owl and the Pussycat. This is one of the first books she responded to, and none of us tire of Jan Brett's amazing tropical paradise. It's glider travel, a whole new genre.

Bear and Ball. So simple, with beautiful classic illustrations. Now that she's getting the concept of opposites and she recognizes the title subjects, this book always makes her giggle.

Good Night Moon. Maybe this is no big surprise to you, but I didn't grow up with this one and don't particularly like it (the word choice drives me nuts), so I'm surprised that she does. But there it is.

Hush Little Baby. This book is so great, it throws out the "Mama's going to buy you" concept, replacing it with "Mama's going to show you." And she likes it! Almost as much as Goodnight Moon.

The Itsy Bitsy Spider board book by Lamaze. Robert picked this up for her on his first business trip after she was born. She loves the spider that hangs off the cover, and the flaps with colorful pictures underneath.

Snugglepuppy. I thought I'd hate this, it's so cutesy. But I love to read it to her, I'm always a little disappointed now that she often chooses something else, but this used to top the list. I whisper the last page and then put her to bed. Whoever gave this to us, thank you!

Run Mouse Run. She loves the cut outs in the pages, so much better at this age than pop-up books, which she keeps ripping. And she is positively fascinated with the picture of the cat at the end (did I give away the ending?).

Moo Baa La La La. Silly fun. Surprisingly, she likes the duck more than the cat.

Peekaboo Kisses. She loves touch-and-feel books, and this is her hands-down favorite. Maybe because it starts with a cat?

Baby Touch and Feel: Quack! Quack! Her second favorite in the tactile category. Starts with a duck, ends with a cat. What more can you ask for?

So what are your babies reading these days?



At 17.2.06, Blogger The Big Pugawug said...

Funny, but Pugawug hates "Hush, Little Baby," even thought I love the concept and the finely-detailed illustrations. We usually get 2-3 pages into the book before she closes it and motions towards ... you guessed it ... "Goodnight Moon."


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