Chag Pesach Sameach!

We learned from Chanukah that MZ will really get into something with enough advanced prep, so we signed up for a preschooler Passover event a week or two ago, where she learned Dayenu and Go Down Moses and The Frog Song, which involves frogs in the bed, frogs on the head, frogs on the nose and the toes -- she loves this one. We made the matzoh cover depicted here, and an Elijah's cup that she's been carrying around for two weeks. All in all, we figured she was ready for a seder, so we planned to do 1st night with some friends, four toddlers all told.

Until about 3 PM that day, I had seriously envisioned them following it a bit and everyone sharing memories of Passovers past, and traditions from their own seders. Then it hit me: four toddlers. Our toddler can barely sit through a one-course meal without wanting to get down. Needless to say, it was highly abridged, but we read of the exodus and the toddlers lounged and all in all we had a fun if absolutely crazed evening.

Tonight we had 2nd night at our synagogue. It was a family seder, and thus was also somewhat abridged, but MZ asked for matzah and matzah ball soup and tried the chopped liver if not the gefilte fish, colored in her "activity haggadah" and loved running around with the other kids. I'm sure she would have liked the charoses, had it not been made with walnuts. We're going to do a Sephardic version for the family seder this weekend, something with almonds and coconut that one of our guests brought on Monday and that I think I'd love on a crumpet, if we were eating crumpets right now.

Chag pesach sameach, happy Easter, happy Spring.



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