Relief: Postscript

Many, many people, upon hearing our Not a place for touching story, have asked urgently, But what about the part about "You broke your word." I understand their concern, on a matter this grave you want to be sure. So this should provide a little perspective:

When MZ and Bubbie came back from the park yesterday, I was at home. Our conversation went like this:
Me: Did you have fun at the park?
MZ: I had fun at the park.
Me: Did you go down the big slide?
MZ: I went down the big slide.
Me: Did you go down the tunnel slide?
MZ: I went down the tunnel slide.

Me: Did you climb the ladder?
MZ: I climb the yadder.
Bubbie, sotto voce: She didn't actually do any of those things.

Uh-huh. Two year-olds are fantastic mimics. Confirmed by her ped this afternoon.

So that doesn't answer the question of how to deal with suspected molestation if there were other contributing factors. But it might help explain why we can sleep at night right now.


At 27.1.07, Anonymous meg said...

"That place is not for touching" never made me think molestation, specifically because A) it's clearly mimicry, and B) molesters say that places ARE for touching. I was more worried about a daycare provider that freaked out if MZ touched her nipple or crotch.

There's a way in which that is a kind of molestation, insofar as it harms a child's sense of her sexuality, but it's much more reparable.

At 27.1.07, Blogger bernalgirl said...

You know, that was my first thought, too, that someone was telling her her body was bad or that touching it was wrong. Then the You broke your word thing just completely wigged me out and so of course we jumped to the nth circle of hell.


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