Of Shadows and Genders

This week MZ discovered her shadow. I wasn't there when it happened, but evidently she wondered what that moving thing was and Bubbie explained that it was her shadow. We've had lovely weather this week and every time we're outside and her shadow emerges, she positively squeals There's my shadow! We've taught her to wave at it, and watch it wave back.

This morning on the changing table she began to tell me which of her friends are boys and which are girls: H is a boy, J is a girl, E is a boy, I is a girl. This is the first time I can recall her making this distinction.

Today we finally took that ride on our bikes with the trailer. The weather was perfect for a ride out the Embarcadero, through Fort Mason to Crissy Field. She enjoyed her ride at first, stocked as it was with cereal and toys and Puppy, but was bored and trying to climb out by the time we arrived. The gorgeous weather and small beach made up for her boredom, her smile as she ran in and out of the uncomfortably cold water made my heart burst. This kid loves the water.

During our picnic lunch, she approached two other toddlers and chatted them up. It's fascinating to watch this social aspect of her personality emerge, and to see her engage so completely with her world. I would love to blog more eloquently on all of this, but I'm exhausted and undone by the long absence. So this is a matter-of-fact attempt to keep track of all the changes.

It must be noted that today's ride was shorter and slower than any ride we've taken in years. As R. said, we took cannons to a gun fight with our shock-and-clipless-pedals-equipped mountain bikes. Yet it was as much fun as any we've ever taken together, MZ's enthusiasm was infectious and the feel for the bike came flooding back. We can't wait to do it again.



At 12.3.07, Anonymous meg said...

It's about time you got your blog on, woman!


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