Two Years by the Numbers

MZ handled her two-year appointment like a champ, from the waiting room, where she watched television, captivated, for about two minutes before picking up a book and asking us to read it, to the shot, which she saw coming, and cried sharply for a minute, then stopped to direct the application of a bandaid to Puppy's paw, and announced, I'm okay. I'm not crying. My heart melted all over the floor.

She talked up a storm, so her pediatrician finally believes that she can. She asked questions and made pronouncements and thoroughly enjoyed instructing her regarding who should receive the stethoscope to the chest next, Mommy or Daddy.

And the numbers? About the same as ever, percentile-wise, although it's a bit of a surprise that she's still just 25 lbs. (just over 25th percentile) to her 34 inches (solid 50th), with an 80th percentile head.

P.S. I finally added the photos to the Twenty-four Months letter to MZ.


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