R: Let's go get our jammies on.
MZ: No, I'm going to sit on the counter for a little bit.

She dropped that line like a 4 year old. Casually, while she was fiddling with a toothbrush cover. She's fully conversational now.

She's even getting comfortable with phone talk. On Sunday, while talking to her Bubbie, she answered questions about how what she was doing (playing with Lego) and how she slept (I slept well). But when she was done, she handed me the phone and walked away. No goodbye, no nothing. And yesterday, when she wanted to talk to Tante J on the way to daycare -- asked and asked and asked -- when I handed her the phone, she said Hello, I miss you then snapped the phone shut and handed it back to me.

So we're working on the phone skills.

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