Have a glass of wine and STFU

Somehow I completely missed the chatter, nay the outrage, the overblown sanctimomminess on this issue over the last few days. A glass of wine on a playdate is a sign of overstressed women who need healthier outlets? Are you out of your freaking minds? A three-cosmo playdate is a problem, yes, but heck, medicated playdates have been going on for generations. Didn't it used to be doctor-proscribed (some more valium, Mrs. Stepford)? But a glass of wine? Methinks that Melissa and Alice and Liz and the rest of blogland are right, this is about how much we as a culture distrust women, and especially moms, in a perfect storm with Americans' notorious Puritanical fear of alcohol. And my how the Europeans must be laughing again.


At 31.1.07, Blogger Mom101 said...

I think your title sums it up perfectly. But the last line is the kicker.


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