I've been working on the rainbow!

...One of my favorites among MZ's made up lyrics. She walks around the house singing I've been working on the rainbow all the time, in a medley with Pop goes the Weasel and P5 N-G-O! (the social service arm of Voice of America, maybe?).

Alas, the singing was light this weekend as she had her first case of flu. We thought she seemed low last week, but there were no specific symptoms so we just took it easy. We decided to stay in Friday night as we had a big weekend planned: two birthday parties (one with Enzo!) and a Superbowl Party no one wanted to miss.

But late Friday evening, MZ threw up everything she'd eaten heartily at dinner. She had no idea what had happened (nor did we when we heard her yelps and gasps over the monitor), we scooped her up and R. bathed her gently while I remade the bed and put the grubbies in the wash. I knew there was a good chance we'd need them again soon. She woke up retching on Saturday, but has been relatively fine since, eating a bit of challah and banana, drinking broth and juice -- enough that we knew she wasn't dehydrating.

But she's been feverish, and has slept fitfully on us through every morning, roused herself to sip some soup, then told us it was time for bed. She's nibbled dinner, and here and there we've seen 10 minute bursts of personality and verve before she falls, exhausted again.

Having a sick baby requires some mind adjustment. I found myself having to settle into the reality of our slow-motion weekend, and while I loved the feeling of her in my arms again as she slept -- not since she had roseola has she slept in my arms -- such inactivity proved exhausting. Yet once she was in her own bed, I found myself tearing around the house, trying to catch up on a few of the tasks I'd set for myself on Friday.

I could tell she was feeling better tonight when she said she was going to a birthday party for her friends H. and T. We were sad to have to tell her we'd missed it.


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