What we're reading #5

It's been a while since I've updated the list, mainly because MZ has stayed faithful to so many in her collection. But there's a few new additions worth noting, in particular the entrance of the picture book into her array of favorite night-time reading. In the morning, we pile into bed and read from the selection of board books we keep on the night tables. But at bedtime, she's looking for story, and pictures, she picks details out to talk about and she has favorite pages she returns to. Reading has become more interactive, and even more enjoyable.

She's also become familiar with her first licensed character: Winnie the Pooh. We don't know how she established this preference, but she often asks for her various Pooh board books. This hasn't noticeably increased her affection for -- or even her awareness of -- her enormous stuffed Pooh, but she does seem taken again with her tiny Piglet, who was her first lovey.

Wynken, Blynken & Nod: Gorgeously illustrated, I'm so glad she loves this as much as I do. Could she possibly remember it from early days?

Wow City: The protaganist looks a bit like MZ and the dramatic, colorful illustrations grab us all. She loves pointing out all her favorites, from the streetcar (our local version of the subway) to the BIG SHIP in the bay.

Pond and Forest: These colorful, simply drawn pages have captured her imagination. She looks for the animals, she repeats the brief rhyming text. And frequently, she asks for the one that is sitting a staircase away.

Time for Bed: We've had this larger-format board book for a while, but now that she's interested in picture books, she seems to enjoy this one more. She also relates more to the sleep rituals, as evidenced by the talk of brushing teeth-teeth and putting on pajamas. But why do they exercise right before they go to bed, after their ablutions?

Secret Seahorse: This has become a bonafide favorite recently. She loves the crabs and BIG FISH, and has recently decided that in her sleepsack she is in fact a mermaid.

Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You? She makes all the sounds, but returns again and again to dibble dibble dop dop dibble dibble dop.



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