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Wow. We took the House. And now it has its first female Speaker. Wow. And then Rumsfeld -- do you know that on Wednesday morning in my crunchy corner of the world, people on Cortland Avenue were actually coming out of their houses and places of businesses to talk about Rumsfeld's imminent departure? Wow! And then we took the Senate. Wow-dee-wow.

In the midst of play groups and meal planning and how the hell am I behind on the laundry again? angst, I must insert some joyful commemoration. I was a staffer in '94, when it went the other way, and let me tell you those were some dark days. I can recall the hungover, tired feeling of losing that badly like it was yesterday. I'm not as close to it today, but I hope this memory will stay just as vibrant, this day when I was a mama of an almost-2-year old and the nation restored some small bit of my faith, and it was good.



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