Vote No on Prop. 85 and other thoughts

A couple of opportunities to do some good in the world with very little effort have presented themselves recently. Sadly, this suits me right now, sabbaticalled activist that I've become. Perhaps these will appeal to you as well?

Vote no on Prop. 85: Parental Notification
A fellow neighborhood parent had the fabulous idea of holding a virtual bakesale to help defeat Prop. 85. Many of you Californians will remember this parental notification proposition from last year. It's back, and while some of the anti-abortion language has changed, it remains at best a naive attempt to force communication in scenarios some people can't even begin to imagine, and at worst, it's part of a strategy to eliminate a woman's right to choose. I agree with the No on 85 folks: When laws make teenagers choose between talking with parents or having illegal and unsafe abortions, some will turn to self-induced or illegal back-alley abortions, or even consider suicide. The real answer to teen pregnancy is prevention and strong, caring families – not new laws that endanger vulnerable young women. From Jenn's bakesale site:

Proposition 85 would amend the California Constitution to require parental notification for minors seeking an abortion. As a parent, I don't want the state legislating communication between my child and me. As an attorney and mother, I don't have the time to walk young women through the judicial system to obtain an abortion (but I will if I have to).

I hope you will consider making a contribution (bumperstickers count -- let your voice be heard!) and voting No on 85 on November 7th.

Send your used stuffed animals and toys to children in Iraq
This one has been in the blogosphere for a few weeks now, but the power of this simple gesture has not left me. Anyone who's thrown a child's birthday party recently knows how easy it is to round up a collection of wonderful toys that your child will learn more from by giving away than by keeping.

Be a Partner in Preservation
This one is super-easy and super-local. Vote for your favorite Bay Area landmark, and the National Trust for Historic Preservation, the World Monuments Fund and American Express will work for its protection through the
Partners in Preservation initiative. The hardest thing about this one is choosing between all these great landmarks: the Roxie Theater, the Tilden Park Carousel, the Pigeon Point Lighthouse or the Spreckels Temple of Music, to name a few.


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