Accessorize Yourself

MZ has been picking out her own clothes for about four months now. Not every clothing change, we've managed to avoid pajama choice, but mornings are fraught with partialities. I put her on the changing table, and quickly pull out two shirts or pants, while she's facing away from the drawer. I present them to her for her to choose, and swiftly pull out two matching items of the other persuasion while she admires the first, and again, she chooses. If I'm slow and she turns over and sees the open drawer, add another 10 minutes to the getting dressed process. At least.

She has a strong preference for raspberry pink and orange, although not together, and lately, for overalls. She rarely asks for a dress, but seems taken with tights. Tonight, for instance, while R. was putting up our holiday lights, she ran around in tights and a white onesie of her choosing, looking like a little elf (although when she tangled said lights for the xth time, R. could be heard mumbling something else).

And recently, she's into accessories. In Puerto Vallarta, we strolled the Isla Cuale in search of the "perfect purse," which turned out to be small, orange and made of beads. She wore it proudly throughout our stay, it replaced her small pink market bag, which she'd previously used to store rocks and her Tevas when we walked down the beach.

When I wear a scarf, she wants a scarf. She's worn one to daycare, and made sure it comes home with her. She has strong opinions about hats and socks. She dictates pigtails, headband or barette, and if we have time, we accommodate her. She fusses minimally while I adjust her pigtails although she's taken to hollering -- not screaming or crying -- but wordless, distracting hollering the entire time I cut her fingernails. She cares a great deal about shoes.

I can't tell if this is toddler control cycles or a budding clotheshorse. Either way, I am completely taken by her strong opinions, by her total engagement. She's opinionated, but she's no diva. This I can appreciate.


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