Trick or Treat

Hey there, sweet cheeks, wanna share your lollipop?

Bunny hop

A veritable menagerie...

Need I mention that the lollipop is MZ's first piece of candy ever? She woke up the next morning and announced that she wanted candy for breakfast. Honey, we all do. She caught on to the trick or treating very quickly, and if a stop wasn't too mobbed, she'd march up with her bag outstretched, announce Trick or Treat and wait expectantly for her booty. I realized that in these days where every new event seems pregnant with social meaning, Halloween is a lesson in exactly nothing. The expectation that people will dress crazy and give her gifts is absolutely useless until next year. However, watching her fascination, mingling with the crowd and our friends' tots, we had more fun than we've had on Halloween since we were children ourselves. San Francisco is a Halloween town. It's our Mardi Gras and Times Square New Year rolled into one. People get dressed up for the whole week in San Francisco. But neither R. nor I have ever been much into it. We go the the parties, we even bother ourselves to dress up in whatever we can come up with 48 hours prior to leaving the house. But Halloween with MZ? We can't wait till next year.

Oh, and the costume? Handmade by my mom, many decades ago when I was a wee toddler, before velcro and polarfleece. Yep, I wore that costume when I was small, as did my two sisters. It's super, super cute now, huh?Posted by Picasa


At 31.10.06, Blogger Roasted Squid said...

Awesome picture! You must email it to me!

At 3.11.06, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So cute!


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