Oh the humanity


Ever since MZ learned to get up and rock on her knees, she's been obsessed with movement. She knows there's a way, and boy does she want it, but she can't quite figure it out. She rocks, and rocks, and does downward dog, and shifts from one foot to another. But none of these result in forward motion, and soon she's grunting and hollering in abject frustration.

Recently she's also had disrupted sleep, waking me in a panic with distressed crying from her crib, usually about 1-2 AM. The first time, when I ran in and saw her on her knees, rocking and screaming, I scooped her up to comfort her, and she cried harder. It took an hour to calm her and get her back to sleep. After that, I paid more attention and realized that through all this, she is STILL ASLEEP. So I've been patting her lightly until she settles back into a deeper slumber.

I've assumed the disrupted sleep is due to teething, but one of my child development books mentions that this behavior can occur when babies are on the verge of a development milestone such as crawling or walking. The poor thing truly IS obsessed with crawling. It haunts her sleep!

The intensity that this seems to indicate is a little frightening, and I can't help feeling sorry that Robert and I have passed this trait on to her -- our intensity, doubled.


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