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Fascinated by the fishtank

This photo was taken at Deb's birthday party a few weeks ago, where MZ became totally, uninterruptably fascinated with a large fish tank. The brightly colored moving fish captured her attention the way trees moving in the wind have occupied her for weeks.

MZ is starting to focus that attention on the rest of her world. She seems particularly fascinated with the more colorful art around the house. She has zeroed in on the brightly colored animal quartet that hangs above the glider in her room, as I burp her, she gazes intently.

And as she lies on the bed in our room while we get ready in the mornings, her eyes move from the sequined Burmese tapestry over our bed to the Huichol yarn painting on the other side of the room.

It's amazing to watch her move beyond simple black/white graphics, and I find myself following her eyes, wondering what's going on in that head of hers.


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