Teeny Babies Everywhere

Teeny Babies Everywhere

So much has happened between the trip to Boston and work that I've fallen off posting. The temptation to backtrack is tremendous, there are great stories about MZ's first flight, her fascination with her toddler cousin Sam, her touching recognition when Robert arrived home a few days after us. But trying to catch up is paralyzing so I'm just going to start from NOW.

Over the weekend, we gathered our Bernal Teeny Babies together for our monthly family meeting. There were fourteen babies in all, from 2.5-6.5 months, any of whom were screaming or grabbing for each other at any given time. The floor was a wriggle fest. MZ spent most of the time grabbing for her feet, which she does immediately upon removal of her socks.

It's as if socked feet don't exist, but pull them off and she is immediately eating her feet (sing this to the tune of "We like to eat Eight Apples and Bananas" and you're comedy gold on the changing table circuit).


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