More firsts, some less desirable

Yesterday at breakfast MZ picked up a fork and went straight for her eye. She actually went for her mouth, but it was bigger than anything else she'd picked up and her coordination's not so great yet, and she was on her way to her eye when the expression on our waitress's face indicated that all was not well. I followed her eyes down to MZ in her father's lap. "Why didn't he give her the spoon?" I wondered stupidly as I snatched the fork away from her. Robert and I looked at each other and looked at the waitress and then down at MZ again. "She's never done that before," we babbled, manic with combined pride, fear and embarassment at our public lack of parenting skills.

She persisted in grabbing items from the table through the rest of the meal, or on knawing on the edge of the table, so that by the time we got to a BBQ that afternoon we knew to clear skewers, oyster forks and steak knives away from her grasp and to line the table with a burp cloth for her chewing pleasure.

She's also showing signs of her first cold. She's very mucus-y and sniffly and it turns out she absolutely HATES having her nose wiped. I'm getting pretty good with the snot bulb (what do you call that thing that seems like it could suck out her brain if I'm not careful?). She's sleeping a lot and not eating much and I have a call in to our pediatrician to determine if we should be doing anything else, and if we can get on a plane on Wednesday night as planned.

Poor kid, I can hear her sniffling through the monitor. She probably thought she had this breathing thing down.


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