Mmmm, MZ likes it!

Yep, she likes to be in charge.

This afternoon, we started MZ on solid foods. We sat her down in her Bumbo seat on the dining room table, and she immediately began eating her bib, which seemed like a positive sign.

We gave her some very liquidy rice cereal mixed with breast milk, and at first she was mostly interested in the spoon. But after a few spoonfuls, she became more interested in the contents and we began to hear swallowing noises! She grabbed for spoonful after spoonful. Most of it dribbled down her chin, but some of it seems to have gotten into her, and when we were done, she was ready for more. So we gave her a sippy cup with a few tablespoons-ful of sterilized water. Her first water! We have no idea how much of that got into her, but she appeared to enjoy the whole process.

So, we plan to introduce new foods on weekend afternoons, when we're both here and can monitor her for allergic reactions before she goes to bed for the night. We're taking suggestions on what to offer her next. We're thinking winter squash...


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