So many changes, fast and furious

MZ is on a tear. It started a few weeks ago, and she's still screaming along developmentally. She answers questions now, not just What sound does a cow make, but also, How did you sleep? I slept well. and What are you doing? I'm drinking coffee (frothed milk out of an espresso cup while we sip our morning capuccinos). These are fairly ephemeral questions for a child who demonstrated a clear confusion with such conversations just two weeks ago.

She jumps now, too. After weeks of hard work, she can jump and both feet dependably leave the floor. No more holding on to stabilizing objects, she's jumping on her own!

Evidently she and her Bubbie were reading her Red is a Dragon book today when she decided that they should snack on the lychees and watermelon pictured. Tonight she ran around the table feeding everyone lychees! watermelon! Imaginary play, your time is nigh.

Yesterday morning, when we weren't paying much attention, busy as we were getting breakfast on the table, she went over to Baby (her new doll) and said, Hi Baby. Then she reached into her sparkly purple "diaper bag" and handed Baby her bottles, explaining that one is juice and the other milk. She set them at Baby's side in case she needed them. I suppose nurturing is truly learned and we should teach MZ not to pick up Baby by her neck.
P.S. Read down, I finally got that holiday post up...


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