A Moment of Silence

The Bay Area (and so many other places) have been watching, praying, hoping for the Kim Family as their ordeal unfolded. We don't know them, although we love their nearby store, so somehow feel a connection, in that and in the comman experience of parenthood, in the spirit of adventure that takes a family on a winter roadtrip through beautiful country. We've been gripped by their story, so horrifying did it seem that a family could just disappear.

When Kati and her two daughters were found, it seemed like a miracle, but the latest chapter has brought us back to earth. We asked ourselves and each other constantly, How? Why? Where? and every answer confirmed James Kim's intelligence, bravery and persistence. At some level it paid off, his family is safe again, but we mourn the loss of this wise and dedicated father. Our deepest sympathies to the Kim family and all who knew him.


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