15 Months by the Numbers

Since she was born, R. and I have done all her milestone pediatric appointments together. We both want to hear the news, and when shots are a part of the deal, the Family Hug is really the only cure. But that means sometimes the appointment has to shift a bit, so here we are, a few weeks late with the 15-month data.

MZ is holding firm at about 18th percentile for weight, 50th for height, and 90th for head size. This is no longer a cause for alarm, we're used to her wee-ness and I'm over thinking she's suffering from some hideous brain-swelling malady. She's gained nearly 15 ounces since her last appointment, and that seems just fine.

However, her ped is not as sanguine as I about the fact that MZ isn't walking. While I am extremely conscious of it, because she's in a whole new cohort with the new nap schedule and she's usually the only crawler at these activities, I don't worry about her physical health in this regard. I live with her daily, I know she's an extremely deliberate child.

She looked like she was going to be an early crawler, rocking on her knees at seven months, but it took two months for her to pull it all together and move forward. And when she did, there was no fumbling. Walking appears to be the same, she's doing all the right things (standing, squatting, lifting while standing, cruising). I fully expect her to take not two steps but twelve, and sometime before she's 22 months. But the doctor wants her to see a physical therapist if she's not walking by her next appointment.

Also, MZ recognized immediately that she was in the doctor's office, and became extremely agitated, thus she did not show off her words. So her pediatrician totally didn't believe how much she's talking. When we told her that she says I got it. when we hand her something while she's on the swing, she said, oh, yes, that's a "superword," she thinks that's all one word.

So how to explain today, when she woke up from her nap, looked at me considerately and said deliberately, Daddy. Home. She didn't get the question uptalk part, but the meaning was clear. The child scares me sometimes. Posted by Picasa


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