Postscript: Fifteen Months: Hugs & Thank you

Dear MZ,

Although I already blogged about your acquisition of
thank you, your Dad reminds me that it is really worth a mention here, in my monthly letter to you, and he's right.

You started saying thank you a few weeks ago. At first, you said it whenever you handed something to us. Dak oo, and we'd take it. Then you began to use it when you wanted us to give you something, a pre-emptive thank you that never failed to charm us and nonplus the kids at the playground.

Since then, it's become one of your most beguiling habits. How can we refuse something when you've said thank you? And when we hand you something, you almost always say it, which surprises bystanders to no end. Did she say thank you? we hear over and over, and we can't help but beam.

We like to think that this habit of yours is the clear emergence of a winning personality, especially when combined with our other favorite word: hug! You holler hug whenever you want one, and especially from across the park or the playgroup. You understand that hug gets results, we drop pretty much everything when you say it. It's especially sweet when you're doing something you don't like, like an overly long and messy diaper change. At those times, you say it very softly and my heart melts completely, and when I hug you, the energy that passes from you to me powers me for hours.

Miriam, although you are displaying increasing will and frustration as your awareness of your ability to control your world expands, hug! and thank you make our month.

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