Exiting the Red Tent

... and not a moment too soon, it's been 90 days after all.

In other news, and probably something you've been expecting, MZ hollered the eff-word yesterday, over and over at the top of her lungs. Fortunately, her pronunciation is off, and only we would recognize it because she said it just after it came out of one of our mouths (I'm not telling, but it wasn't who you're thinking).

The warning flag is up, we are furiously scrubbing our mouths with soap and our brains for acceptable alternatives to the Casa Robmaliam vernacular. And we're thankful that the retention of a 14-month old appears to be about 5 minutes, because that wouldn't be considered cute at the playground.
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At 27.3.06, Anonymous pappa pugawug said...

Cool on-the-fly head protector for the wagon. Kiddos seem just as happy sitting in it with the removable sides off as they are pushing it around. Thank goodness for the rat-a-tat-tat wheel stop...it has saved the furniture and some shins. My mothers favorite "exchange" for the s-bomb is "sugar" with a very long "s" more like ssssssshhhugar. You wouldn't think it but hanging on to the first letter or two phonetically gives you just enough time to switch the end of the word. This technique can be used regardless of your particular vice. Why not try: Fargus, ffff-crap, or "f" or "f-ing?"

At 28.3.06, Blogger The Big Pugawug said...

Hey! That's our wagon! And our shirt! And our block! On your effin' kid!!

At 29.3.06, Blogger bernalgirl said...

Oh no! It's the Bernal Clone Babies! (Do you really have all three of these?!)


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