Interim notes

I just lost a whole big Passover post when Explorer locked up. I'm going to push through my grief with some unrelated tidbits...

The toy depicted here is exactly the kind of toy I swore we'd never own. It makes noise(s), it's plastic, it's battery-operated, and it turns out it has almost no merit as a developmental toy. MZ loves it like no other.

* * *

A few days ago at breakfast, she was hucking her food around once she was done, as usual. And as usual, I would pick up the piece of food, place it in the corner of her tray and say All done here. And she would huck it again. On the third go-round, I took the tray away. Then she asked for agua. R. gave it to her, and she took a big gulp, and looking right at me, she dribbled the entire mouthful out of her mouth and down her face. She did not laugh, she just matched my gaze. R. looked at me and said, You're screwed.

* * *

Speaking of screwed, we've become totally addicted to
Big Love, which also has no developmental merit. We watch four shows: Sopranos, the Daily Show, Scrubs and Big Love. I have no explanation. Anyway, we await new episodes with almost as much anticipation as we do The Sopranos. And each and every episode I find myself hollering at Barb, If you have no respect for yourself, how can you do this to your daughters?!? Yet still I watch.
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