Gone missing...

MZ now sleeps just once/day and I have no idea when I'll ever blog again. Just three hours each day to do everything I used to do. Yes, they're consecutive, that's nice. But by the time we get there I'm exhausted, and she's not even walking yet.

Plus, now she's on a different schedule from the rest of her peers, so while we're out of the house earlier, and I'm remembering how much I like morning air, when we get to the park I don't know anyone there. Not a soul.

Whine, whine, I know, but let me tell you a little secret: now I understand why I like(d) being a SAHM. I rarely felt isolated. Monday? Rec center, lots of moms I know, MZ clearly having a blast. Great! Tuesday? Living the
errands lifestyle, doing some non-profit work. Adult interaction and we're not talking about kids! Wednesday? Neighborhood playgroup with a great group of moms, and MZ has fun, too. Thursday? More errands lifestyle, but the end of the week is near. Friday? Free day! Maybe see grandparents, maybe go to the pool, impromptu playgroup with one of my friends from my pre-MZ life and their child(ren).

Sure, life is not quite as, um, intellectually challenging as it used to be, but it's programmed, she's only up for 3-4 hours at a time, I have me time, too, and heck, she's a kick in the pants, and so what's not to like?

But now there are hours and hours to fill, and I know no one who is doing what we're doing when we're doing it. And she is busy. She can get into anything. Yesterday I locked her in the bathroom with me while I took a shower. I gave her her container of bath toys, thinking that had to be safe. I don't do bath duty in our house, so I didn't know there was a bar of soap at the bottom. Guess what she decided to play with? Not the ducky, not the squeaky buddha with a cell phone, not the Nemo-inspired school of squirting fish. Yes, the soap. I ducked behind the shower curtain for five minutes and there was soap everywhere.

Plus, she's not walking, so we can't even go to the new time slot at the rec center, lest she be mowed over by tricycling 4-year-olds.

We'll be fine, it's just a few weeks till everyone else is sleeping at this time, too. But the now is quite an adjustment.
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