Help! I've been meme'd!

I met Big Pugawug just weeks after MZ was born. We both joined Bernal Parents at about the same time, and a little cabin feverish after a few weeks at home with an infant, we both posted looking to get together with other moms. Bernal Teeny Babies was born, and since then we've enjoyed amazing times and deepening friendships with a collection of the coolest parents and most beautiful babies. And then she tagged me. But I'd still go to Thailand with her (and the rest of the Pugawugs and Roasted Squid and her gang, too)...

Four jobs I've had:

Prepcook for a European-trained chef. There was a lot of yelling (I wasn’t good), but as with many painful experiences, I learned a ton.
Field campaign director, where I learned the meaning of “you need to get out more,” when someone urged me to tell my boss to run for President because “everyone I know would vote for him!”

ED for a land trust in a burgeoning wine region.
Director of Strategic Alliances at a startup that managed to amass an amazing collection of people in the midst of the boom -- the company may not exist anymore, but the friendships do.

Four movies I can watch over and over:
Quiz Show
Lawrence of Arabia
Princess Bride
Big Night

Four places I've lived:
-Swimmers’ House, which was basically a frat for the swim team. I came home one day to find the landlord’s son had turned my closet into a pot farm.
-A partially refurbished Victorian that had a Winchester Mystery House electrical system. The owner had been turning my floor into an editing studio when she decided to become a doctor, there were electrical outlets everywhere but few of them worked, and some of them flamed if used.
-A cooperative house where we were known to decide on new roommates based on their reaction to the movie Blue Velvet.
-A very tiny studio when R and I first became serious. It probably wasn't as sweet and cozy in reality as it remains in our memories.

Four places I've been on vacation:
The Andes
The Yucatan Peninsula

Four websites I visit daily:
Chowhound’s Home Cooking Board
Go Fug Yourself
Overheard in New York

Four of my favorite foods:
Goats milk cheese (with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc, preferably)

Acme olive bread (can I have a perfectly poached egg to go with?)
Blue Bottle Coffee’s Three Africans blend (coffee is too a food)

Chewy brownies (alas, no site, as the search is constant and mostly futile)

Four places I'd rather be:
Sipping coconut juice by the pool at the now-defunct BKK Intercontinental
Slipping in and out of the steam hut and cool pools at Lao Pako

Hiking in Marin
At Holly Park with MZ and R.

Four bloggers I'm tagging:
Kaitlyn’s Mom
Sofia’s Dad
Shanghai Beckfords


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