Let sleeping babies lie

Other than the time we tried to spend a day away from the house, back when Robert had just returned to work and I thought spending the day near his office was less scary than driving down to run an errand on my own (the dreaded BabiesRUs) with MZ, we haven't had a lot of spectacular poop or spit up incidents. On that occasion, she peed all over the outfit his coworker had given us just before lunch with said coworker (so he never even saw it on) and ended the day pooping through her third change of clothes all over my blouse while I was breastfeeding in a conference room. And we still went out to dinner. I guess that day was pretty epic.

But there haven't been a lot of those, so today, when I was desperately trying to get out of the house to go to the supermarket, before a day jam-packed with events that should Start On Time, and she spit up all over herself and me (down my bra, oh joy), I couldn't really complain. Nor is it the best story ever. But for some reason it made me realize that there will be many more days like that in the future, where I just can't get anything done for one reason or another related to MZ, and I realize that as hard as the first few weeks were, she's pretty easy right now, and I ain't seen nothin' yet.


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