Thirty-six Months: That's Three in Weasel Years! and other Birthday Musings

Miriam had three parties this year:
o Her Bernal Babies party shared with Lila
o Her "friends" party replete with fave songstress Teacher Elana and purple-frosted cupcakes!
o A more adult family affair with all her local family, including her favorite dinner: grilled flank steak, whole wheat couscous and string beans

... technically she also had a preschool party, which she shared with another classmate. They each got to make crowns and wear them all day, and we brought in the gorgeous sugared MZ butter cookies Mana made.

Pretty good for a 3 year old.

She received both a train table and a "dream box" filled with fabulous (and un-branded) princess costumes and fairy wings, covering all the 3-year-old bases.


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