Viva Sayulita!!

Fabulous trip, but stumbled into Puerto Vallarta with:

1 ear infection
1 case of heat exhaustion
1 potential case of strep or staff requiring cipro
A fever
Several infected custs and scrapes requiring antibiotics
...and a bee sting on the tongue (mine)

Fortunately the kiddos came through without any notable tummy troubles, as did the adults.

Things I'll never forget:
o Miriam riding a horse for the first time (in front of me, of course) and getting her first henna tattoo, of sea turtles on her ankle
o Leisurely time spend with my husband, daughter, parents, sisters and their boyfriends, usually involving cocktails (week 1)
o Poolside Parental Beer Hour(s) during naptime (week 2)
o Our pack of Bernal families descending on the best taco place in town, and singing along with the addled street performer who was channeling Bruce Springsteen
o Six toddlers playing with baby sea turtles at a pizza place in San Pancho, just before they were released into the ocean at sunset

Another fantastic trip. Viva Sayulita!


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