Get back on the horse, dammit!

It's time to climb back on and start writing. Whatever malodorous dirges run through my mind, it's time to just chat about MZ. Forgive me my rusty prose... Who'm I kidding? My five readers simply crave the MZ update, so here you go...

The thing I find most challenging about raising a girl is how to let her just be, not withholding princess-dom and not proffering it either. This is a girl who loves purple, pink, fire trucks, diggers and cars (preferably comportables), in that order. She's still talking about the fire woman at Station 7.

For months she's been commenting on my toenail colors. Mommy's toes are orange with pink underneath, Miriam's toes are pink with orange underneath. How's that for a concept? On Saturday, her good friend Gabriel had blue-painted toes. I think this was the first time it occured to her that she might also have colored toenails, so the next night we painted them pink. And lo, she did not don a crown and a ruffly skirt and speak volumes about the House of Princess. It might still happen, but it didn't just then.



At 4.9.07, Blogger Cybil said...

glad your back...good luck with the transitions. you'll (both) be fine :-)

At 6.9.07, Blogger The Big Pugawug said...

hey! we just did blue toes with red hearts (on the big toes). Very fetching.


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