Terminated for Lack of Progress

This is the thing I debated when we decided to tell anyone outside our immediate family, much less blog about it. But alas, we are now 1:5 in the pregnancy game: according to today's ultrasound, this one stopped progressing about a week ago.

I have a lot more to say on this and I'm sure the sadness and rage will come, but right now I'm perversely feeling that at least this didn't go to 10-12 weeks again, or longer. I'm also feeling that going through anything like this in a city of any size is a lot easier because one is reminded early and often that one cannot choose one's tragedy. We are more lucky than even we, who count our blessings in relation to many types of hardship, can imagine.

People ask us why we would want to go any further in this process, and I think about this, too. But to know someone as intimately as we know MZ is such a rare joy, how can we not want to try for that again?



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