This one's for Papa

Neither R. nor I are sports afficionados in the least. We both played sports as kids and young adults, and I would love to find a way to fit Masters Swimming back in my life. But to say we are detached from the local teams is an understatement, as I realize everytime I get stuck in Giants traffic. This despite a childhood spent cheering on the Golden State Warriors and an adolescence steeped in my high school's Big Three (football, basketball and baseball).

I enjoy watching sports when someone I know is playing, or if it's a celebratory type of game, but R. and I both dislike the hype of professional sports and lack the interest in fitting a team's stats and win:loss records into our heads. We're only half-joking when we wonder who will teach MZ to throw, given that we may never think of it on our own.

Fortunately her three grandparents are all huge fans, so someone will make sure she learns to dribble, throw, and catch. And she learned how TV works by watching Giants baseball with Papa and Mana. Imagine my surprise when she pointed to it and said On, given that we use the television mainly as a conduit for movies and Tivo'd stuff after she's fast asleep

So this pic, in Eli's borrowed hat, was taken expressly to please her grandparents. And especially Mana and Papa, we hope this makes you feel a little better. MZ misses you fiercely.
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