Words you'd rather not hear upon leaving an ultrasound... and a new way to blow through time

"The toilet's right there, it looked like your bladder was a little full."

Uh, yeah. I'm outside the exam room now, in public. But thanks!

Anyway, the miscarriage is not yet over. No, really, we're on day 68. But things are looking good! Only a few weeks now! Before I might actually stop bleeding! And yes those exclamation points are meant to imply hysteria.

But I'm not complaining, because my wisdom teeth didn't become impacted over the course of the week, and so mine were not pulled out this morning, and so I am not dizzy with pain and chipmunk cheeks. But R. is...

And MZ has another cough, so all in all, Casa Robmaliam has not been in a blogging frame of mind. But I took a few spare minutes to start up another blog (because I'm so good with this one). I hope that by announcing it, I'm not dooming it to being a three-post wonder. But this one revolves around food, so perhaps I will have some stick-to-itiveness over there. Check it out, it's called pickyfingers...


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