The future Johnny Knoxville?

MZ's new favorite thing is chucking all her toys down the stairs. And since our housekeeping method is organized around what we charitably call "staging areas," she chucks our toys down the stairs, too. Shoes were first, but our big shoes tend to get stuck on a step about half-way down, which is a real buzz kill.

Ever-resourceful, she's discovered that the stars and circles in her blocks set get better speed than the squares or triangles. Her stacking cups are usually good for the whole trip to the next landing, with a satisfying bounce at the end. And nothing beats the knobbly balls we have all over the house.

We fear that with a little more hoisting strength and attention span, we're on our way to a baby segment on Jackass.


At 27.2.06, Blogger Roasted Squid said...

As with MZ, LG loves hucking things, but as we don't have stairs (that he has easy access to), he does it off the high chair. What I love is how he looks directly at me, leans over, and just when he's about to drop the sippy cup, squints in anticipation for the crash to come.

At 27.2.06, Blogger Roasted Squid said...

As we don't have stairs, LG's favorite position for hucking things is off the high chair. I love how he looks me straight in the eye as he holds his sippy cup over the edge, and squints right before he lets go in anticipation for the crash to come.


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