One year by the numbers

MZ is officially one year old. And she's clearly been to the doctor too often in the last month, with noggin bumps and flu shots, because she started sobbbing the moment we walked into the exam room. However, even through her sobs she managed to show off a little, when her ped started clapping with her, she ran through her bag of tricks, throwing her hands in the air, announcing Cat and clapping again.

So, our MZ is now 19 pounds, a 2-lb. gain since her last appointment. She's finally caught up to Yudi -- they're tied at third among the beings in Casa Robmaliam -- and weighing in at 20% among her peers. She's 29" tall, though, and those 2" give her a first-ever jump to the 50th percentile, with a head measurement at a respectable 75th percentile. The whomping head size measurement at her last appointment has been a background worry for three months, I'm finally reassured on that count.

She's also picking up words like a demon, much to our surprise and delight. She imitates with abandon, but has mastered the meanings of Up, Down and what sounds like Done. She regularly says Okay, but we still think she's repeating after us rather than saying it in context. And to my relief, she still hasn't learned No.
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