On the up side

Life is not total shite. MZ remains hilarious and a phenomenal distraction. She started cruising yesterday! Gingerly, she moved around a round coffee table, while I actually considered going out and getting one for her. Today she realized the office chairs rotate, and spun them around while she remained in place. Can moving with them be far behind?

She is currently interested only in finger foods. Fortunately this includes dal-dipped parotha and homemade turkey meatballs, so she's still getting some flavor in her diet. One cannot live by frozen peas alone, although she appears to be willing to give it a go. She loves tangerines! LOVES them, recognizes them whole and unpeeled and screeches for them with hands outstretched, so that we have to hide them from her in fear that she'll develop a citrus intolerance like her Grandma S. And wants whatever we eat, so that it's no longer safe to open a box of candy around her.

Her Grandpa asked the other day when she could have a piece of candy. Never? Well, then, when she can actually ask for it? I have not yet resolved this one to my satisfaction.

She is also OBSESSED with the dishwasher, which is funny for a kid who is currently rejecting food that involves dishes. It started with standing at it when the door was open, but now she wants to climb in whenever she can. We understand that this is something to discourage but that doesn't mean we could resist taking a photo.

In general, she wants to know how things work. She spent 10 minutes at the new foot pedal-operated trash can in our bathroom, going from lid to pedal to see if she could get it open. And opening and closing doors is a fabulous passtime, till she closes one all the way and looks at me to open it up again.

Overall, she keeps life very, very interesting.Posted by Picasa


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