I quit work because... ?

First I accidentally dumped water on Moki's head as I was trying to clean/fill the bowl, while he was eating his kibble, as I watched to make sure MZ didn't eat the kibble, since she was sitting right next to me because she wouldn't let me walk away from her. MZ got wet, too.

Fine, it's just water, so I cleaned it up, wiped him off and tried to let him know the water was an accident. Then I put MZ in the gated area while I prepared breakfast, which involved spilling milk all over the kitchen floor while I tried to get my coffee together while managing the microwaving of her food. Cleaned that up, got her started on finger foods while I got my breakfast on, when Moki jumped up on the kitchen island to let me know he wanted his wet food, dumping a bag of limes and falling off the island in suprise.

Got the limes picked up (tripping hazard), the rest of MZ's food to her and the cats fed. Sat down with MZ to finish breakfast, gulp coffee.

Cut up persimmon for MZ, which she liked so much she smeared in her hair. Gave her some raspberries, which she forgot she likes. Caught myself caring a little too much about whether she likes them, so stepped away to get a wash cloth for her persimmon-covered face/hands/hair.

Returned to find the raspberries gone, thought: she remembered! Then followed her gaze to the floor where all the raspberries lay in blobs on the carpet. Picked them up and hurled them at the sliding glass door.

Picked up MZ, carried her to the sofa in the living room to hold her while I had a good cry. Fortunately she thought that was funny. The body shakes, you know.

Pulled myself together in time to hear Yudi vomitting throughout the downstairs.

Put MZ behind the gates, went upstairs, pulled Yudi out from under the bed, marched downstairs and pushed him out the back door. Closed the door, checked the gates, cleaned up the vomit. Threw away the rags, that's one load of laundry I'm not doing.

Picked up my coffee before I realized I hadn't washed my hands. Did so, then cleaned up raspberries (they stain). Washed hands again, then coffee, MZ and I came upstairs to type this.

MZ napped this morning, but I still haven't cleaned the kitchen... and a shower is nowhere in sight.
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