Countdown to Leap Year

The appointment went well! Sistah J and I waited in the exam room for 35 minutes, an eternity by this doctor's standards, which gave me lots of time to work up to a humming, electric stress level. SJ was an ocean of calm, thinking up tangent upon tangent to keep me occupied until he arrived. But everything looks as it should, no ectopic pregnancies (I hadn't even thought about that flavor of sideways), and my doc was clearly happy about what he saw, he graduated me out of the fertility clinic.

Due date? February 28/March 1st. Except 2008 is a Leap Year.



At 9.7.07, Blogger The Big Pugawug said...

Normally I'd go all Bernal/Park Slope on you and advocate for a natural birth, blah blah blah ... but you've gotta schedule this one, baby!

Mazel Tov!!

At 15.7.07, Blogger dogboy said...

I can't tell you how happy/excited I am for the 3 of you. Maybe this will help...YIPPIE!!!


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