A Mother/Daughter Moment

I don't have a lot of expectations that I will be best friends with my daughter. I didn't go into it that way. After all, I'm one of three daughters and you can't be best friends with all of them. We're close, but not Go Shopping All the Time close. Not We Call Each Other Every Day close.

I rarely think about our relationship past the next few weeks or so. I consider this whole thing such an inexact science, expectations seem fraught with well, expectations, and I know I'm making this up as I go along. I try never to think of adolescence at all except to wonder if I will be working solely to pay private school tuition in the city.

So I was delightfully surprised tonight when I came down the stairs, while MZ was having dinner with her Bubbie, and she pointed at my shirt and said Cute. Bubbie said, Doesn't mommy look pretty? and she said, clear as a bell, Cute.

I was going out to dinner with some mom friends. I was not wearing capri cargo pants and Keens. I was wearing makeup, and shoes with heels, and a new shirt that has sat in my drawer for several weeks while I decided if it was really me.

Suddenly a whole world opened up to me. Maybe some day we would be best friends! Maybe no day would be complete without a phone call, maybe we would shop and lunch and have pedicures.

I'm more of a banh mi girl than a tea-at-the-Ritz lady, I shop mainly under duress. And I hate the phone. But I do love me a good pedicure.


At 17.8.06, Blogger The Big Pugawug said...

and, I gotta say it, the shirt WAS cute. You clean up nice, lady.

(and, for the record, I thought about putting on lip gloss, but I couldn't find it in the deep recesses of my bag.)


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