The creatures are conspiring

I don't sleep particularly well when Robert's away. Turns out neither do the rest of the creatures in the household:

10:30 PM: Reading-to-sleep ritual* interrupted when MZ inexplicably awakes screaming. I finally bring her to bed with me where she finally falls asleep, as do I.

1 AM: Carry MZ back to her crib.

3 AM: Awake to inexplicably loud Siamese meowing from downstairs. Think about hurling cat from third floor window, fall back to sleep instead.

5 AM: Awake to inexplicable sounds of a garbage basket being rolled around the room. Look down to see blue Siamese eyes staring up at me innocently. Again consider hurling, again opt for more sleep.

5:20 AM: Give up on sleep when MZ awakes coo-ing, gurgling, splttting and laughing. At least she's in a good mood. Bring her into bed again.

7 AM: Awake to find that both MZ and I have fallen back to sleep, that is, until Yudi begins his backwards wakeup call. (Add MEEE-ow to his long line of idiosyncrasies.)

*All this reading about sleep training makes me realize that if someone put me in my crib and expected me to just fall asleep, I'd scream, too.


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