It's 4 AM and we're all awake...

Yes, we're back, and yes, we're jet-lagged. It was a fabulous trip, it took a few days to find our groove, but once we did, relaxation and total enjoyment of each other kicked in. MZ did amazingly well in spite of a nap routine that never exceeded an hour or so, no matter where or when. French people say "COO'-coo" to babies, iffen you didn't know, and MZ ate it up. She also ate up roasted cod, carrot and fennel mousseline, the tuna and potatoes from our Nicoise salads, and more haricots vert than you could shake a stick at. From a fork, even!

We ate up cheese, macarons and the gorgeous views that met us at every turn. That's one crankin' city, that Paris.

However, that return flight always makes me happy to be home, and if we could all just start sleeping till it gets light out, I would be so grateful.
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