Eight Months: Joining the Conversation

We're getting a passport!

Dear Miriam,

You would think there's less to say since I just wrote your seven month letter two weeks ago. But no, there's plenty, because every time I turn around you're changing again. Our favorite new development is repeating sounds. You started with Grandpa, he'd repeat whatever you said and you two would have a regular conversation with inflections and a lot of exclamations. Now you chat with all of us, and you seem very tickled when we immitate your newer noises. Bah bah bah has been joined by da da, pah pah, and just today, la la. You're also experimenting with various clicking sounds, and a plah noise that involves a lot of spittle.

You're still tremendously smiley, and constantly on the look-out for admirers. You will smile and engage with almost anyone who looks you right in the eye, and you seem genuinely surprised when some random lady on the corner doesn't look your way while we wait for the light to change.

You also love music. Grandma S. is learning all your nursery rhymes, which are always good for a smile. And you're getting quite giggly, too. Grandma G. is constantly on the look-out for ways makes you laugh, and honestly, you're totally unpredicable. Why does pushing a toy towards you and pulling it away make you laugh so hard? Most people would call that teasing, but not you. Which fits, because you continue to be a pretty laid-back kid. Those days of frustration with crawling are largely past us, you give it a try, but are pretty happy to sit and manhandle your toys. And if a toy is out of reach, more often than not, you'll settle for another one. If someone grabs a toy from you in playgroup, you practically shrug, and go for something else. It's not that you're not driven, because when you *really* want something, you go for it, especially our cell phones and glasses. But most often, you're chill. I think you are something of an old soul, and just being with you allows us to be "present in the moment" in a way that my off-again/on-again attempts at meditation never achieved.

I am really learning to be present in the moment as we experiment with sleep training. I apologize now if this process scars you in any way, but Muffin, you weren't napping! Your dad and I agree that we won't make you cry yourself to sleep, but that means I've spent an hour at a time sitting with you while you fight sleep. Nights are still easy, and usually you drop off to a nap within 10 minutes or so. But there have been a few epic battles against sleep, and I really can't say who is the victor in these.

On the food front, you are up to three "meals" a day, and you seem to like everything -- as long as it's pureed. You brush the puffed rice right off your tray, and the small chunks of watermelon we gave you didn't please you at all -- you swallowed the juice and gummed the pieces, then spit them out. But you love sweet potatoes, squash, carrots, green beans, cantaloupe and cauliflower! In the coming weeks, we'll add some herbs and spices here and there, as well as tofu, yogurt and probably cheese. You have the sweetest way of waiting for the next bite, opening your mouth expectantly like a baby bird. And you have the sippy cup down, you can gulp down the water for several swallows, then you rear back till we pull the cup away. You're still delegating spoon duty to us, which certainly makes mealtime easier, but I'm anticipating the day when you seize back the reins.

You're also enjoying experiments with object permanence. In addition to the reliably hilarious games of peek-a-boo, you enjoy dropping things, and are genuinely pleased when they re-appear in front of you. And you've discovered your power to bang and wave. So the Aquafina bottle (your current favorite toy) and the stuffed animals get quite a workout.

All in all, you continue to be a delightful companion,and I feel very very lucky to be able to spend my days with you. We can't wait for your next adventure.

Love you,


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