MZ's first Cheerio!

Today at our neighborhood Not-so-teeny-anymore Baby gathering, the subject of highchairs came up. We're not sure what to do for MZ, we don't really want a big old bulky highchair, and we want to have her at the table. But I'm beginning to understand the convenience factor of having her surrounded by tray.

We really like the seat she's sitting in in the photo (which, it turns out, doesn't fit on our table), and while she was there we decided to offer her a Cheerio. I've been offering tiny things for a week or two, and she doesn't seem to notice them. But today she did, and weirdly, when she picked up the halved Cheerio, she didn't put it in her mouth! EVERYTHING goes in her mouth these days, but not the Cheerio. She just looked at it for bit, and then her Dad helped her get it to her mouth. She spit it out and did not go for another.

Oh well, we'll try again another day.


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